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Application Information

Application Process Overview

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Download an energy usage worksheet 

Program Goals: 
  1. Reduced environmental impact and costs;
  2. Improved health and wellness of students and staff; and
  3. Increased environmental and sustainability literacy.

Nine Focus Areas: 
  1. Community Involvement
  2. Energy
  3. Environmental Health
  4. Environmental & Sustainability Education
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Recycling & Waste Management
  7. School Site
  8. Transportation
  9. Water

Green & Healthy School Recognition Levels:
Level** Requirements Benefits
Sprout School Complete registration, prerequisites, and narrative expressing the desire to become a Green & Healthy School.  Welcome packet and certificate
 Eligible to play the “Cool Choices in Green & Healthy    Schools” game.
 Automatically registered for Project Learning Tree    (PLT)GreenSchools!.
Seedling School  Complete Sprout Level and document  achievement in at least one focus area.  Certificate
 Eligible for Recycling Bin Grant (if Recycling & Waste  Management focus area is completed)
Sapling School  Complete Sprout Level and document  achievement in at least five focus areas, including  Energy, Water, School Site, Recycling & Waste  Management, and Environmental Health.  Framed Certificate
 Automatically certified as a Project Learning Tree (PLT)  GreenSchool! which makes schools eligible to apply for  PLT grants.
Sugar Maple School  Complete Sprout Level and document  achievement in all nine focus areas.  Certificate
 Indoor/Outdoor Banner
 Eligible for nomination for the US Department of  Education’s Green Ribbon Schools recognition.
**Schools do not have to move through the levels sequentially. If Seedling, Sapling, or Sugar Maple recognition is received, the school will be eligible for benefits of the previous levels. 

Questions? Contact Victoria Rydberg, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (608) 266-0419 or or Samara Hamzé, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 608-267-7622 or
Deadline: There is no deadline for Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin. Applicants can save work and return to it at any time. To be considered for the US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools or District Sustainability Award, applications must be submitted by December 1. To download the application in its entirety for planning, see the resources page.